The Transient
31 March – 21 May 2023

Pink Twins is known for their intense video works that combine moving images and electronic music, based on creating a physical, immersive experience and mapping the limits of our perception. Using parametric design and programming, the duo conjures up dizzyingly complex soundscapes and an experimental, organic, and painterly stream of visuals that alternately invites us in and keeps us at a distance.

The Transient (2022) depicts the seemingly uncontrollable yet algorithmically consistent growth rhythms of various garden plants. The work’s perspective on the plants enchants us with the beauty of nature and leaves us breathless when confronted with its exponential growth. Increasing our sensitivity to the systems at work in nature highlights the interplay of planning and chance that is present in both garden design and art-making. The work is fully animated and generated with algorithms, which creates an interesting dynamic between humans and the plant kingdom, modified both by artificial intelligence and through self-transformation.

The Transient is at once real, artificial, fictional, paradisiacal, and apocalyptic. The work tempts us to give up reality and surrender to the overwhelming beauty of nature’s growth, the blossoming of spring, and the glow of summer nights. In the next moment, it makes us question what we see: we begin to suspect the presence of the uncanny valley, and the surrounding idyllic nature is revealed to be a result of cloning and obsessive editing.

Pink Twins is a duo formed by the brothers Juha Vehviläinen (b. 1978) and Vesa Vehviläinen (b. 1974). The duo is based in Helsinki, and has been active since 1997. In addition to exhibitions and festival screenings, Pink Twins is known for their impressive live performances that combine music and video projections. The duo has also created audio and video works directly for the internet and collaborated musically in various ensembles.

The production of the work has been supported by Taike, AVEK, and VISEK.  The exhibition is supported by the Finnish Heritage Agency.