Round Possibilities
3 February – 26 March 2023

Jenni Rope’s works are inspired by the rhythms of nature and accidental shapes. She uses an intuitive process, in which the canvases seem to find their shape as they are cut and even hint at how they should be painted. The paintings depict loops, swirls, curves and repetitive brush strokes, from which one can sense how meditative and enjoyable it must have been to paint them. The motion and fluidity felt in the lines and colours brings to mind dance, or music.

Round Possibilites plays with organic shapes and the spacial dimension of paintings. The irregularly shaped paintings, mobile sculptures, video and sound work together to create different ways of interpreting and understanding the multisensory interaction between the different elements. The layeredness repeats in both the brush strokes and in the scenery created by the artwork and the space. The artwork invites you to move around, stop and experience the space from multiple angles. Instead of being a passive spectator, you can feel like an active participant in the installation. While resting on the foam plastic seating, you can also indulge in this collective play through the titles. The titles are based on different recognisable sensations and observations, and they add their own delicious and fantastical layer to the scenery.

The exhibition is supported by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

Jenni Rope (b. 1977) challenges the limits of fine art and design, as well as explores the abstract space between painting and sculpture. She has worked with visual art, pattern design, book design and public art projects long before graduating in 2022 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. Rope has exhibited her work both in Finland and internationally, and she has made various pattern designs for Finnish brands. Her most recent public art piece will be unveiled at the beginning of the year in Nurmijärvi. The artist lives and works in Helsinki.