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  1. Use of images for any purpose other than as specified above is prohibited.
  2. Image usage permits granted by the Turku Art Museum cover onetime image use only. If the image is re-used for example in a second edition of a publication, an image usage fee will be collected by the Turku Art Museum. It is strictly prohibited to save or store digital images after using them.
  3. The name of the artist, the specific information of each work of art (title, year, technique and size), Turku Art Museum and the name of the photographer must be mentioned alongside the reproduction. The client answers for any potential copyright charges.
  4. Cropping the image is allowed only by prior agreement. If only a detail is used the title caption must include the word “detail”.
  5. Printing text on the image is allowed only by prior agreement.
  6. Turku Art Museum may request a colour proof print to be sent to the museum for approval before publication.
  7. The permit holder will supply the library of Turku Art Museum with 2 complimentary copies of the publication (to be sent to Christian Hoffmann at the Turku Art Museum)
  8. When receiving the images and the permit to use them the client agrees to pay the image usage fees mentioned in the image usage agreement and to follow the terms specified above. A copy of the agreement is given to both parties concerned.
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