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Published 15 Oct 2020

Stay safe during your visit

Welcome to the Turku Art Museum! We have increased measures to ensure visitor safety and want to make your visit as pleasant and safe as possible.

General guidelines

• Please only visit the museum if you are healthy.
• Pay attention to hand hygiene. Toilets are located on the ground floor where you can wash your hands. Hand sanitizers are available in the toilets and in the lobby.
• Please maintain a distance of at least 1–2 meters to other visitors and staff.
• If you need to cough, please cover your mouth either with your sleeve or a tissue.
• Please do not touch surfaces unnecessarily. All facilities at the museum are cleaned extra carefully.
• Please use a face mask during your museum visit in accordance with the recommendation of The Finnish health authorities. Disposable face masks are available at the museum.

At the counter and in the lobby

• Please pay by card. We don’t accept cash for the moment.
• Present your Museum Card at the card reader or download the app from the App Store or GooglePlay.
• The lockers in the lobby are in use. The key chains are disinfected regularly.

Visiting the exhibition

• We may limit the number of visitors, if necessary.
• To keep you safe during your museum visit, we are no longer able to accept new groups or bookings due to high demand. Previously made bookings will be executed as agreed.
• Pre-registration for special tours and lectures: / (02) 2627 100.

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