from 25 Nov 2016

During landscape painter Victor Westerholm’s term as the first director of Turku Art Museum 1891–1919, the collections of the museum came to comprise altogether 400 works of art acquired by purchase or as a donation. Many of these works have subsequently become undisputed classics of Finnish art. The new collection exhibition presents highlights from the classics alongside unrealised dreams – works that for some reason never became part of the collection. Read further

15 Sep 2017 – 7 Jan 2018

Tyko Sallinen (1879–1955) was a famous forerunner of Finnish modernism and expressionism who is best known for his landscapes and paintings of people, particularly of his first wife, Helmi Vartiainen, known as Mirri. Sallinen’s brushstrokes became particularly expressive in the 1910s, when his works caused the first controversies in Finnish modernism. The vivacious celebration of colour in those works was later replaced by a more broken, earthy palette, but his idiom remained distinctive, particularly in depictions of people. The exhibition is organised in cooperation with HAM Helsinki Art Museum. Read further


15 Sep – 12 Nov 2017

Valley L447 studies the relationship between nature and culture and is inspired by semiotics, global consumerism, forest nature and haiku poetry along with its way of depicting the world. Nature seems to appear as a place that has been penetrated by Fremdkörper (foreign body) – a place in which the definitions of the natural, alienation and function blur. Read further


15 Sep – 12 Nov 2017        

ADHD-Sheik (2016) is a portrait of a social outcast, a fundamentally smart and kind-hearted man who is nevertheless a drug addict with a tendency to commit immoral acts and find himself in troublesome situations. Difficulties keep piling up, and not always without the Sheik’s own fault. While it may be easy to laugh at the stories, the underlying reality is often far from amusing. Read further

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