Easy Access



1.  Handicap entrance   2.  Doorphone   3.  Push call button for lift   4. Push button for door   5. Wheelchair lift

Facing the museum from Aurakatu, the handicap entrance is located to the right of the main entrance. A ramp (1) leads to the door. Door phone (2) push button B gets you through to the information desk. The attendant lets you in. 

The wheelchair lift (5) to the museum vestibule is located directly behind the outer door. The call button (3) is located on the wall, on the right side of the door. Push the button Tänne (here) continuously until the lift door opens. Push the button continuously when inside the lift. Door will open once up. The picture shows the lift at the museum vestibule on the first exhibition floor.

The EU Disability Card is in use at the museum. Free admission for assistant / support person. 



5  – Wheelchair lift
6 – Tickets and Museum shop Muusa
7 – Café Victor
8 – Coat racks and lockers
9 – To the lift, push buttons for opening on both sides of the door
10 – Lift to the second exhibition floor and ground floor public area 




9  – Push buttons for opening the doors
10 – Lift
11 – Men's Restrooms
12 – Women's Restrooms
13 – Wheelchair accessible restrooms and nursing room

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